Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how ONE RIDE collect, use and disclose, your Personal Data through the use of ONE Provider ’s mobile applications and websites, as well as Services and features. This Policy applies to our partners (such as Provider and delivery partners)

Personal Data

is any information which can be used to identify you or from which you are identifiable. This includes your full name, nationality, telephone number, email address, your image, government-issued identification numbers, vehicle and insurance information.

Collect Information

We collect Personal Data about you in the following ways. When you provide your Personal Data to ONE RIDE We collect your Personal Data when you willingly provide it to ONE RIDE. For example, you may provide your Personal Data to ONE RIDE when you: Complete your profile or register with us (such as your name, contact information and other identification information where needed). Provide information to assess your eligibility to provide services as a ONE RIDE Provider partner or delivery partner (such as your Provider ’s license information, vehicle information and background check results. Verify your identity through various means (such as social media logins).

Usage of Information

We may collect your Personal Data through the normal operation of our Applications, Websites and Services. Some examples are: Location data ( Provider and delivery partners): ONE RIDE collects this data when the ONE RIDE Applications is running in the foreground  or background of your mobile device

Feedback and ratings information about how you interacted with our Applications, Website or Services (such as features used, and content viewed); Personal data you enter in messages when you use our in-app communication features; and Personal data that may be captured through your interaction with us.

Security Of User Data

ONE RIDE may use your Personal Data for the following purposes Providing services, Safety and security purposes ONE RIDE will use your Personal Data to provide our Services. This includes using your Personal Data to: Interact you to provide Services. Create and manage your account. Conduct due diligence checks. Verify your identity.

Validate your trip history. Enable features that personalizes your application, such as lists of your favorite places and previous destinations. Make your experience more seamless, such as automatically filling in your registration one time password Protect the security or integrity of the Services and any facilities or equipment used to make the Services available.

Process and manage your rewards. Enable communications between us and you and such as notifications. Enable our partners to manage and allocate you when you are in trip. Screening Provider ’s and delivery partners before enabling their use of our services.

Identifying unsafe driving behaviors Verifying your identity when you log in to ONE RIDE Provider Applications Using device, location, profile, usage and other Personal Data to prevent, detect and combat fraud or unsafe activities. Sharing Provider and passengers’ location and details when the emergency button feature is activated.